Care of the Deceased

We believe that the personal care, dressing and preparation for reposing of the deceased is one of our most important roles as funeral directors. As an entrusted provider, we regard caring for a deceased family member as an extreme privilege and honour. We recognise and respect the life change which presents, when a loved one dies. As part of our commitment to the care of the deceased and the living, we offer and recommend the service of embalming.
Embalming is about sanitizing, preserving and presenting your loved one in a manner that is natural and/or fits the character of the person.

Your loved one deserves the dignity and respect, to look their very best, as they embark on their final, important journey from this life.

  • the hygienic preparation and preservation of a deceased human body.
  • Washing and dressing of the deceased
  • Restoration of physical features
  • Hairdressing and application of cosmetics as required or requested
  • Respecting other personal wishes expressed by the deceased or their family

This service is carried out, with meticulous care and compassion, using eco-friendly fluids, at our specially equipped preparation room, to achieve the highest possible standard of presentation. Our goal is to create a peaceful appearance and a positive final memory picture, which offers comfort to close family and friends.

This allows additional time for “waking” – either at home or in our Funeral Home – prior to burial or cremation and provides the opportunity to say goodbye, to share grief and offer support to grieving family and friends. The visitation of your loved one is an important time for not only the family but also for the loved one themselves. It is instrumental to the beginning of a positive grief journey.

“ We have high standards and support each other in achieving them”